Ashtanga Yoga Nilayam is on the East Side of Los Angeles in Silverlake. Please keep in mind 
Los Angeles is known for its traffic. Staying in the area is recommended for out of town visitors.

Getting Around Town

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with limited public transportation. Renting a car at the airport to is highly recommended. If you are unable to rent a car, please consult with your hotel for bus and metro information. Taxis are also available in Los Angeles by phoning a taxi service. Call for current rates to and from Ashtanga Yoga Nilayam. FYI, hailing taxis in Los Angeles is virtually impossible.

Local Airports

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) or Burbank Bob Hope Airport both provide easy access to the Silverlake area.

Airport Transportation

The Flyaway Bus (From LAX only)
1-866-IFLYLAX (1-866-435-9529)

Taxi Service

LA Taxi

Airport Shuttles

Where to Stay

Suggestions are listed below, in geographical order of closest to furthest from the Ashtanga Yoga Nilayam. Home rentals for longer term stays can be found on:, or

The east side of Los Angeles primarily consists of: Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park, Atwater Village and parts of downtown Los Angeles.

Los Feliz Lodge (Bungalows)

El Tres Silverlake Inn

Bungalow Court (Bungalows)

The Standard Hotel (Downtown locations)